Weddings in Western Australia

Here in Perth and the surrounding areas we have many delightful venues that can complement your wedding day.

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant I can marry you anywhere, anytime, anyplace within Australia and its Territories. So take your time and select the venue that best reflects your wishes.

You can choose to have your ceremony at the same venue as your reception, in a garden or park, at the waterside or at a private residence.

Notice of Intended Marriage Form

This form must be lodged with me not less than one month and one day and not more than eighteen months before your ceremony.  See Legal requirements page.

Wedding Ceremony

There are elements within the ceremony that must be presented according to law.  After that –

Your ceremony  -  your day  -  your way


Your wedding vows will tell the world so much about how you feel towards each other. They are also an important statement of your lifelong intent.

I have a collection of vows that you can access and I encourage you to write your own words, drawing from your collective experiences and cultural background.


There is room in the ceremony for at least two readings, but there can be more if you wish. Again these can be your own words or sayings taken from your cultural background, a favourite song, from poetry – either classical or contemporary or a favourite appropriate saying.

As a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants we have copyright covered for material used within the Wedding ceremony.


There are special elements that can be incorporated into the ceremony. These can include candle lighting, blending elements, jumping the broom, the inclusion of step children for a blending ceremony, a rose ceremony or the warming of the rings.

We can acknowledge the four cardinal elements; water, air, earth, and fire.
We can organise release of doves or butterflies – only in acceptable weather conditions.

These can be conducted by you, the celebrant or a member of your family or friends.

Planning to ‘elope’ in West Australia?

Do you want a simple, intimate ceremony with just immediate family and friends in attendance?

A personalised ceremony can be full of style and meaning without any additional stress.

  • Book a week day ceremony
  • Incorporate the ceremony into the time of the reception at the same venue.

Yes, I do evening ceremonies.

Overseas Visitors

Please note, I do not give immigration assistance or advise – other that a cover letter if required.

Whatever your nationality, you can be married in Australia. There is no residency qualification required to marry here.

You must lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage within the correct time. This process can also be completed via email or fax but I must sight the originals before the wedding date. See the legal requirements page.

Your Ceremonies can then be viewed anywhere in the world via Voice over Internet Protocol programs like Skype.

Reaffirm your Wedding Vows

You’ve reached a significant anniversary, you’re recovering from a traumatic event, you have just reconciled or you’ve never been happy with your wedding day and you just want to have a "do-over" ceremony with family joining in and playing a part they were unable to do so before.

Or you may just want an event to better reflect your current position in life.
This is not another wedding – but it is reaffirming the vows you made on your original wedding day.

All wonderful reasons to consider a vow renewal.

There are no legal requirements to a vow renewal ceremony and therefore there are no traditional rules that need apply.

Your day can be as private or as public as you wish, you can wear whatever you want – and yes – you can even wear your original wedding gown!

You can include your children – or they can even host the day for you. You can walk alone or with your parents. Your children can escort you or you can enter together with your partner by your side.

You can use your original marriage vows, or you can write new meaningful words that reflect the personal journey your relationship has taken over the years.

Civil Union / Commitment Ceremonies

Love does not recognise boundaries of any type. A civil union, like a marriage, is a personal recognition of a loving relationship and as yet has no specific legal requirements in Australia.

This ceremony can be for same sex couple or perhaps you're not ready for marriage, but want to publically profess your love and commitment for each other.

We can create a special ceremony that includes your own words of commitment, while surrounded by friends and family.


There are no legal requirements for a Handfasting ceremony and this is an interesting element that can be added to an engagement ceremony, a wedding or a civil union.

Included in the engagement ceremony it can be a promise to marry later, for the common accepted time frame of a year and a day.

Commemorative Booklet

At the end of the ceremony I will present you with a commemorative certificate and ceremony booklet where you can record your thoughts.