Other Ceremonies

Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a Secular celebration to acknowledge the chosen name and offer a welcome to your child into your community and family. Together we create a unique ceremony using family history and personal wishes for the child's future.

Older children: Consider including older children or perhaps children from a previous union. Mentors / Sponsors can be appointed as a support to the parents and Grandparents can be a very important influence in your child’s life. The ceremony may include music, readings or rituals that reflect your personal wishes.

Adolescence Coming-of-Age

Adolescence is a challenging and exciting time of growth and development. Many cultures of the world have an event to celebrate this transition. This rite of passage ceremony can imbue the adolescence with a sense of belonging and achievement. We recognise and celebrate the maiden and the youth with a right-of-passage ceremony. The ceremony celebrates the success of a set task designed to enhance their self-esteem, dignity and confidence. This task could be academic, music or sports. Filled with encouragement to think independently and take responsibility for their own actions.

Significant birthday and Anniversary

Celebrate these special milestones with a presentation of family history, your achievements and future hopes. Present a 'This is your Lives' moment to celebrate not only how far you have come, but how far you still have to go. The ceremony can be created as a gift to parents on the occasion of a milestone wedding anniversary. This can become a memorial of their individual and collective life history as presented from one generation to the next.

Menopause - Crone Ceremony

The croning ceremony honours a woman's passage into the third phase of her life. We recognise the wisdom of the ages that only time can bring. We celebrate with food, music, laughter and love. To honour your past and celebrate the possibilities of your future.

Divorce and End of Relationship

Healing the wounds of separation and allowing you to release the past. The focus is to acknowledge any past shared commitments and release each other. Re-commit your love and care to existing children from the union. Finding a way for you to move forward.

At the end of each ceremony I supply you with a Commemorative Ceremony Booklet.

Where there is a moment to celebrate and remember.